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Sant Kabirji & the Newly Wed Girls

Two young married girls were once walking along the road and talking among themselves. They were newly weds and were narrating the qualities of their husbands to each other.

One of them said, “Dear friend! My husband is of such a sweet nature that I sometimes even call him ‘Yaar’. My ‘Yaar’ is so nice that he even bought a nathini (nose-ring) for me. Look how beautiful my nathini is and how well it dazzles (shines).” She was thus singing the glories of the nathini (nose-ring) and her husband to her fellow friend.

Sant Kabirji was, coincidentally, travelling along the same road behind these girls, and overheard their conversation. He took pity on them, as to how innocent minded these girls were. He called them and said:

O Daughters! Listen to me.

नथिनी दीनी यार ने, स्मृति बारम्बार |
नाक दियो करतार ने, वाको दिया बिसार ||


The nose-ring was given by your husband, this you reminisce time and again,
Your nose was however given by the Lord, Him you have forgotten.

Without the nose, would you have put the nose ring in your head or your mouth?

If the All-pervading Lord leaves your body, all your close friends and family members will desert you, and consign your body to flames (or bury it). If the wife or husband will then even touch the ashes/remains of your body, they will become impure, and will need to take a bath to become pure (pavitr) again.

Sant Kabir ji says:

यह तन विष की बेलरी, गुरु अमृत की खान |
सिर दीजे सतगुरु मिले, तो भी सस्ता जान ||

Translation: This world is a poisonous tree bearing poisonous fruits, and the Guru is a never ending source of nectar. It is a cheap bargain, even if you can get a Guru by offering your head.

Note: When Sant Kabir ji talks of devotion and sacrificing one's head, he indicates towards the path of surrender (of ego).

मत कर रे गर्व गुमान, गुलाबी रंग उड़ी जावेगो |
उड़ी जावेगो रे, भाया, फीको पड़ी जावेगो, पाछो नहीं आवेगो ||
मत कर रे गर्व गुमान, गुलाबी रंग उड़ी जावेगो |


Do not have pride over the beauty of the body as it is ephemeral (transient). The beauty of the body will wither in due course of time and will not come back. Hence, do not nurture false pride over it.

Your son, daughter, wife, husband, shop, power and even your body will desert you, but the Lord never deserts you. One who never parts company with you, accept Him as verily your own. Love Him alone, and conduct yourself with others considering Him to be present in them.

(This article has been prepared based on excerpts from the Satsang of Param Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu.)

Endearingly called 'Bapu ji' (Asaram Bapu Ji), His Holiness is a Self-Realized Saint from India. Pujya Asaram Bapu ji preaches the existence of One Supreme Conscious in every human being, be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or anyone else. Pujya Bapu ji represents a confluence of Bhakti Yoga, Gyan Yoga & Karma Yoga. For more information,

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